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Fine Art.
Art Education.

Design Services.

Upcoming events

  • Ringling College of Art+Design: Adult Education Courses. Ongoing.
  • Venice Art Center: Adult Education Courses. Ongoing.
  • Art Center Manatee: Gallery Sales.
  • McLean County Art Center: Solo Show 2021
  • Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art: Solo Show 2022

Patron and Educators say...

"Jenni is true north. Her artwork is detail-oriented and speaks to the heart of the viewer. As an educator, Jenni consistently meets or exceeds expectations!" University Marketing Leadership

"Jenni's work has a unique lyrical style...expressive just like her." Gallery Curator

"We needed a larger painting for our newly-redesigned, Moroccan inspired home. Jenni knew just how to create we needed. Beautiful." Homeowner


Always ready to create a one-of-a-kind card or a package of original cards for your special events, gift-giving, or holidays. I've been doing these for decades, and never tire of painting them.

Want a special gift for those who love silk scarves or garments? Commissions available.

Watercolors. Loved this medium even as a kid. Make it. Teach it. Work available by request and in variety of small boutiques and art gallery sales. 

Inquires welcome. Let's talk!

Product Line

  • "Just Another Stupid Card". Crazy, fun, insightful original watercolors on quality cardstock, perfect for sending or go ahead and frame it!
  • Commissions: I work with the end in mind and consistently hit the target to meet your business or residential need.
  • Watercolors. 3"x5" and up. 
  • Silks. Hand painted. Scarves. Garments. Large scale panels for foyers/doorways.
  • Snippets and Fiberarts. Painting with thread, and fiber sculpture.
  • And then there's the education-package. Call to discuss.

Artist Statement


“Moving Forward”. A phrase I’ve used to help tell my story well before it became a worn-out piece of business acumen. Fibers, surface design, sewing, watercolor, graphic design and illustration are in my DNA. I knew early on that I could push the borders of these processes and “move forward” as images and story-lines emerged. Pulling together all I know about illustration, design and the neurotic fiber processes, I’ve found a way to move forward, push boundaries, and ignore offhanded remarks that these are mostly used as “studies” to the sculptor or oil painter. My response is oftentimes a version of this: As an artmaker and educator, I support the notion that art is a visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill and imagination,   expressing the maker’s conceptual ideas, technical skills, and is intended to be appreciated for its beauty and emotional impact.
My passion for teaching and art-making continue to be a means of pushing past the obvious with an integration of mind, body, spirit, emotions though the meditative practice of placing one purposeful mark (or stitch) after another until the story finds clarity. 

This is my “construction technology”. 

This is my process.


  • "Can I contact you directly to talk about your greeting cards?"
    YES! Email or call.
  • "My sister loves blue. Can you create a special color of scarf?" YES! Email or call.
  • "I want a watercolor to hang over my couch. Can you paint a large-scale piece that won't need a frame or glass?" YES! Call or email.
  • "What is an Artist-in-Residence and how do I schedule you to come to our fiberarts group for a workshop?" Every residency is unique. Let's talk! Call or email.