Intentional Design


some call it concept development.
some call it creative problem-solving.
some call it critical thinking.
intentional design stems from THINKING.
for me, they wiggle their toes together in the grass. one tickles the other.

jenni is part illustrator, part designer, part writer, part research guru.
when working with design concepts, we reach through to the depth and breadth of the heart of the matter.
results-driven design.

that’s intentional thinking!


What’s one successful way to market your expertise?

Customers and clients will read a tipsheet for years to come, making your tipsheet the ultimate evergreen piece of marketing collateral with an almost limitless shelf life.

Here’s just one example of what a tipsheet might look like for YOUR business (itty-bitty business, artist, consultant, etc)

PathPerformance Coaching TIP SHEET