intentional storyline
through various methods, we’ve toldĀ the stories of for a diverse set of clients, including complete marketing plans, annual reports, program services, visual branding, logo designs/sub headlines, video bio’s, even down to designing interiors that really meet the need of the business AND THE CLIENTS!

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Excerpts below from a 44 page insurance guide to loss prevention created for the customer in order to provide help with a compelling story-line, rather than a listing of “things to do”.
guess what?
the customer responded.
best-case. Yahoo!

Water and Your Home
Generations of Memories…Recently, while visiting my grandmother, I helped her clean up around her house. We found a big box filled with all kinds of family photos in the basement. Pictures of her as a child, ones of my mom as a teenager, with a “beehive” hairdo, and shots of my brother and me when we were babies. That basement’s pretty musty and damp, and neither of us wanted to lose those photos. So we went out, bought a bunch of albums, and organized it all. I put everything in a watertight container…hopefully the photos will be better protected now. After all, I’d like to share them with my grandchildren someday.

Imagine this…You return from a wonderful family vacation, happy to be home – only to find your carpet soaked through, your hardwood floors ruined, your home filled with water. And what about your autographed baseball collection in the basement? It really is history now. Water leaks can happen anywhere in the house, but they occur most frequently in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms. Whether it’s a slow drip or a sudden burst, water leaks can cause extensive damage throughout your home. If a water leak does spring up, it’s best to catch it early! It will be well worth your time to take a few extra moments every week to check around appliances, equipment and fixtures that use water. Early detection could mean the difference between a simple mop-up job and major construction repairs. You’ll avoid the mess and inconvenience associated with extensive water damage and be better able to protect your home, your family and your memories.
Weather Protection
Starting Over…As my parents get older, preserving our family history has become more important to me. There are lots of stories to be told, and I want my children and grandchildren to know them. So, I began working on a digital family tree. I scanned hundreds of photos, conducted interviews, compiled stories. And then, the lightening storm. The power blew and my computer died. It wouldn’t start up again, so I called tech support They were able to fix the computer, but the family tree? I’ve had to start all over – this time with back-up discs and a surge protector. I never want to go through that heartbreak again.
It doesn’t matter if you live in San Diego or Minneapolis, Dallas or Cleveland, New York or Miami – extreme weather conditions can be detrimental to the short-and long-term health of your home.

HAIL…ping, ping, ping! What a cringe-worthy sound – that pelting noise that says a hailstorm is starting. When that hail really comes down, you might think, “Is the car in the garage?” or “Is the cat inside?” You assume your roof will hold up fine. But what if the roofing material isn’t impact-resistant? Valuable belongings could be ruined and your home itself could require major repairs. Sometimes, repairs can be made by a roofing contractor. But if you need to replace your roof, you should consider using materials that are rated impact-resistant by an independent lab…


and so on, creating an emotionally compelling piece, covering everything a homeowner needs to know, with a concept that engages through the use of a story-line. Remember what I said earlier? EMOTION MARKETING. Hallmark wrote the book. I use the principles!